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 Superstar Chefs

Help the Superstar Chefs find the stolen recipes or they will get in big trouble! Addictive jump 'n' run action for 1 or 2 players simultaneously. This game features 64 levels of varied scenery, try to beat them all alone or together with a friend. If you want to, you can even compete against your friend in a special duel mode where the best of 7 levels wins.
If you like retro style gameplay such as in Bomb Jack, Bubble Bobble & Mario Bros then be sure to check this one out!

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Tomb Views Game

You are an explorer caught in the mega tombs.  Wathc out for zombies, bees, spiders, bandits and all kinds of enemies. Check out this two level demo. If you like this, come back and buy the five level version for a tiny $4.


3D arcade action game. There are 45 levels in total and to complete each level, Hopmon will have to collect all the crystals and place them on the warp zone.
You can continue play on the same level indefinitely. The game has also an automatic save feature so that you can continue playing the level you played last.
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Clown Capers

Here is a 7 level demo of our high paced clown with a pie game.  Help Mega the clown defeat all kinds of strange creatures!


Mummy Maze
The Golden Mask of Tutankhamen awaits discovery, but only a daring and crafty adventurer can overcome the curse of his tomb! This new PC game is sure to delight fans of the web puzzler!

Check out some of these features:

  • Stunning new 3d-rendered graphics and hand-drawn splash screens!
  • Brand new Adventure Mode will challenge master adventurers! Defeat 15 of the most devious pyramids we could devise!
  • Save your high scores and upload them to the web to compete with players around the world!
  • Nearly 10,000 new mazes to try, including the all-new 10x10 puzzlers!

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are you ready to eat your words?

Now you can bring all the letter-chaining fun home to your desktop! The new Deluxe version of Bookworm features awesome new artwork, sounds, and music, plus a host of new features, like:

  • All-new Action Game!
  • Make words up to 12 letters long!
  • Brand new Sapphire and Diamond tiles!
  • Hall of Fame to record best scores and words!
  • Upload your high scores to the web!
  • Bookworm defines tricky words onscreen!
Zino is a little creature from another planet, where the evil monsters stole the magic Light Stone, which gives the life for all on the planet. Travelling through other planets, Zino tries to return the stolen relic and save his planet. Help him!

* Marvellous 3d graphic
* 5 monsters
* 25 different levels
* and a great number of planets
- all this will addict you to this fascinating 3d game and you will have a lot of fun!
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B-Jigsaw for Windows

"Play jigsaw puzzles with our own pictures on your PC"

B-Jigsaw is the electronic version of the classic jigsaw puzzle game, with pieces shaped like the real jigsaw pieces. B-Jigsaw allows you to create and play jigsaw puzzles with your own pictures. You can also print them on paper or send them to your friends via e-mail.

B-Jigsaw features nice sample pictures, cool MIDI music, four levels of difficulty, best times record, resizable pictures, and more.

When you order B-Jigsaw, you will receive additional pictures where you can download
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Christmas Tale
Christmas Tale is a brainwashing logic game which takes you in alluring journey where you have to light Christmas trees, and by avoid fun different obstacles. This is a usual situation we encounter every year, while hardly working to dress Christmas tree in our houses, thus you will find game atmosphere and objectives very close and fun to your own life at Christmas!
The only thing left that we can do for you - just to wish you to complete each of the 30 challenging Christmas levels. Automatic demonstration included - Santa Claus himself, will complete the whole level for you to become acquainted with game surroundings. Solve Christmas puzzles with the whole family or just by yourself. Watch out for drunk deers! :-)

Game Features
  • Fun for the whole family!
  • High-quality fun art design
  • Professional sound effects and music

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Air Strike 3d!

20 large levels with 3 powerful big bosses!
5 different landscape types!
Over 100(!!!) different units with unique characteristics!
Plenty of game objects!
10 different helicopters to fly on!
10 unique weapons with 5 level upgrade!
12 different bonuses and 5 missile types!
Night missions with varying weather conditions!
Five levels of difficulty for hardcore-gamers and rookies!
12 cheat codes are available!
Original soundtrack and powerful sound effects!
Extraordinarily addictive game play!


4 different cameras, including classic top-down view!
Powerful script language allowing to create complex enemy
      behaviour and fully interactive environment!
Gorgeous effects, huge Explosions!
A leading-edge 3D Graphics Engine featuring:
Advanced Photo-Realistic 3D landscape!
Advanced particle system(Fire, Water, Smoke, Sparks, etc.)!
Real-time shadows, dynamic color lighting, reflections!
Resolutions from 640x480 to 2048x1800 & 16/32 bit colors
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>Introducing MegaGames!  In this 3d Game, help WinterBear traverse snowmen and pinetrees while avoiding different creatures! (this is a large file!) First level demo.
It takes a minute or two to load..
Download 12.5MB
click to close the window Funny Ball 2 Christmas Edition

Preparing for the Chrismas Hollydays, are your looking for something as a gift for your relatives and friends? Try this wonderful gift - awards-winning puzzle game Funny Ball Christmas edition! The advantage of this game is that you can insert your congratulations directly into the game and they will be seen in the main game window with appearance of the game. So the game will turn into a greeting card!

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Screen Shot Star Trek for Windows 9x

a strategy game based on the original Star Trek game. It has been enhanced to include a Klingon starbase, multiple ship upgrades, and solar systems which can be entered and explored. Converse with alien races inside the solar systems, and test your diplomatic skills. Mission types include standard, clear galaxy, explore and practice. Features include BadGuys, International Hall of Fame posted to the web site, and retrofits which are reminiscent of the extraordinary requests our favorite starship engineer might receive. The free Planet Pack Upgrade will add thousands of new planet pictures. Individual Solar Systems can be downloaded and installed, with
custom alien messages, star types, planet names, and more! Even the pictures of the ships, starbases, and stars may be upgraded to 256, True-Color, or even 3D as they become available. Various language packs may be downloaded free to convert the game to run under the desired language.

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world5_5t.jpg (9666 bytes) The Adventures of Tim
The Evil King Caterpillar has raided the Construction Kingdom. Follow Tim in his exciting adventure through Caterpillar-Land as he gets his diplomas and becomes an Engineer. Over 35 levels with 50 different creatures.

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PetFish 3DAquarium Feng Shui Lucky Fish Tank

PetFish 3DAquarium is a virtual fish tank editor and viewer. You can add each fish with unique personaity you select in your favorite tank environment. Realistic animation of the fish that swim in the 3 dimensional background just like real life would add relaxing atmosphere in your computing life. Your original tanks can be viewed in the desktop while you are working, or can be displayed as a screen saver

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A delightful action/puzzle hybrid. It combines compelling gameplay with state-of-the-art 3D graphics. Guide two heroes through 85 levels as they solve clever puzzles and master creative action challenges.

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