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Irish Views

Picture of Irish scenes fade in and out while a beautiful Irish tune plays in the background.



This windy city company salutes our majestic city while the classic 60's tune Lake Shore Drive plays in the background.  See skyline shots, pictures of famous Chicagoans and all things Chicago.

Download (due to stereo music  6.8MB)

New York Views

Over 20 great images of New York fade in and out with this screensaver.



New York City featuring the World Trade Center Classic New York City: View enchanting vintage black and white photographs of New York City and the World Trade Center towers set to the music of Claude Dubussy and other great classic composers

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nyc.gif (52854 bytes) New York City
Explore New York City's endless beauty and extraordinary skyline.  Enjoy the splendor of Central Park and the majesty of the Statue of Liberty.  New York's unmistakable architecture and cityscape is captured by 30 images in this screensaver.  You are transported to the sights of New York City.  New York City never looked so good!